3D Max Animation Course Training Institute:

Diploma in 3D Studio MAX, 3D Animation
Software Covered:- 3D Studio Max.
Fees: Rs. 10,550. Duration: 3-4 Months
(Fast Track Batch Available)


3D ANIMATION: Softpro Computer Education Institute
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- 3D-Animation
- Mechanical 3D Modeling & Rendering.
- Architectural drawings & layouts of all kinds.
- Interior design and facility planning.
- Line drawings for the fine arts.

- Create 3D Models and Render them into Images or Movie Clips.
- With Autodesk 3D Studio Max, you can create High resolution
- True-colour Image files for Corporate Presentations,
- Broadcast Graphics, Interior designing,
- Walk-through Views, Design & Development.
- Enhance the look of your interiors with special effects.
- Give a Realistic look to your interiors & your Architectural Designs.

3D STUDIO MAX Course Contents :
- Orthographic and Perspective view
- Toolbar & Menubar
- Working with Primitive Objects
- Spline Shapes
- Drawing in 2D :Spline Primitive
- Creating Patches,Grids, Sub Objects,Editing
- NURBS : Curves & Surfaces
- Meshes : Editable Mesh Object,Vertices & Edges
- Loft Objects
- Compound Objects
- Exploring the Material Editor
- Working with the Material Editor
- Using Material Maps
- Lights: Viewing a scene from a light
- Altering Light Parameters, Special Effects
- Volume lights,Projector Maps & Raytraced Shadows
- Cameras : Creating Camera Object & a Camera View
- Camera Viewport Controls & Setting Camera Parameters
- Particle Systems
- Using Space Warps
- Animation Basics : Using the animate button
- Working with keys, Controlling time
- Using the Motion Command Panel,Animating Objects
- Working with the Track View
- Working with Curves & Tangents
- Filtering Tracks,Working with Controllers
- Synchronising to a Sound Track
- Environments & defining the Rendered Environment
- Setting Rendering Parameters ..etc.

- Camera Walk through


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